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Here are some additional Services when choosing your POS solution


POS software around the world has a huge differences. The POS system software that you require for your specific industry must provide all the features you require for your business. For Example, you would not use a retail solution for a restaurant and so as others. We make sure your software is designed accordingly to your business model for best results.


Your POS hardware should come with a Quality  to ensure your long term ROI. To avoid lags and frustrations, you’ll want all of your hardware to be new and reliable. Some POS companies will use cheap or used equipment to keep your budget low. But It turned out to be extremely exhausting operating those systems.


Another Crucial requirement for your POS system is that it should be easy to use. Your staff should be able to step up motivated and exited to learn the system right away and start using the system almost immediately. With so many user-friendly products on the market, you should be able to train your staff in minutes, not hours.


Many Vendors out there  don’t offer transparent pricing. Mobile and iPad SaaS software as a service subscriptions can be a low entry point for the price. But be careful, some vendors may hide subscription fees and require you to use a particular credit card processor. Virtual Merchant is totally our recommended provider.


Cloud-based and web POS systems are the best choice these days. If you want the ability to access your sales reports and data securely anywhere, then an online system might be for you. Most traditional solutions offer cloud reporting and remote admin as well. But before signing off for the service ask your provider what remote options are available and how secure the system is over the internet.


When selecting a provider we encourage you to find a dealer that wants to be your long term partner in business. A great seller knows a lot about the companies they service and support. They want to see you succeed and want to help you grow your business. So you want to search out and work with these type of partners.

we have a 'pos' solution for nearly every industry

Choosing a point-of-sale system for your Retail, Gym, Pizza shop or small business can be a challenging and immensely hectic experience for anyone. It’s important to make the right decision in start to save you time, money, and frustration in the future.
  • Bakery & Deli’s
  • Pizza & Delivery
  • Fast Food Chains
  • Coffee Shop
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery Store
  • Apparel & Footwear
  • Mobile Shops
  • Pharmacies
  • Retail Shops
  • Gift Shops
Hospitality & Services
  • Hospitality & Hotel
  • Gym & Fitness Center
  • Government & Non-Profit
  • Education & Enterprise
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Professional Services

Ease-Of- Use

If your POS system is not easy to set up and simple to use than it doesn’t worth it. You’ll want a POS system with an spontaneous interface to process sales quickly and keep lines moving. And to train cashiers and managers it should only take minutes, not hours. Managing a complete inventory should be straightforward and painless. If, any POS system that is confusing to learn or complicated to use will decrease employee moral, confidence &  attention and will waste his time that he or she could  spent elsewhere else.

Simple & Affordable Pricing

Historically speaking POS system are extremely expensive, preventing smaller businesses from replacing their cash registers. For almost half a heacde, POS systems typically required an initial investment of several hundred thousand Rupee, with many solutions costing well over Rs. 8,000,00/- . Today’s new technology makes getting a POS system extremely affordable. And we make it affordable for all kind of businesses. 

Customer Care

Always make sure that you ask someone experienced when considering a POS system. Though uncommon, from time to time your POS system may experience issues and if you don’t have someone expert enough you might end up losing your sales. And any issues related to financial transactions may require immediate answers, which then will require your complete attention. Chosing us, will lead you to a complete peace of mind. Let us handle all the technical side issues

Data Security

When it comes to POS system Data Safety and Security as it is one of the first factors you should think about in the choice of yours . So when considering your options, you need to make sure to investigate the security of your data in every system, particularly around transactions. And with a number of recent high-profile hacking incidents, this issue is more relevant than ever, we provide 5 layer security for your system so that you don’t have to worry about your data security in anyway

What All Businesses Have in Common

Although many different types of Businesses have different needs for POS functionality, they all need reliable support and service to keep operations running. Our POS system is sold and supported by a skilled and experienced network of our own team who provide our customers with support and in-person service when the time has it needs the most.


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